Sunday, February 26, 2012

LED Brightens Up Bathrooms

LED Brightens Up Bathrooms

Not like I’m counting, but: EIGHT days until Maui!  And eleven days without thinking about anything except which beach to go sun bathing on.  After we get home, things are kind of up in the air.  We may be moving to another house somewhere in Phoenix, or we may be packing our bags for somewhere else.  Somewhere else where I’d have to figure out the time difference so I can post at the same time of day.  But that’s to deal with after we get home.  No matter where we go, I’ll continue informing you about the latest in LEDs.  And to add to “no matter where we go” I must say we will have an LED makeover.

The intent when we bought our current home was to live in it about one to two years while we waited for a new home to be built.  But the economy went south and we couldn’t afford to build anymore, and we stayed in this house longer than we planned.  As part of living here, we planned to fix it up, but that never really happened either – some paint on the walls and the installation of a door to give indoor access to the laundry room were the biggest improvements we’ve made.  One of the areas of the house I would have loved to give a makeover to – besides the galley kitchen – would have been the master bathroom.  It is rather galley-like in that it is long and rather skinny.  But we had dreams of a glass shower and multi-head shower fixture.

One thing that very often overshadows the size of a space is the light in that space.  The six globe-shaped, clear, incandescent lights were actually too much for the space.  We ended up taking out three of them.  I would consider replacing them with LEDs.

There are vanity lights, floodlights for recessed ceiling lights, wall lights and ceiling (non-recessed) lights.  For our current bathroom I’d have to choose either the vanity or wall lights, as those are the only things that would fit comfortably in the space.  All of the fixtures featured here take A19 bulbs (found in General Household), so there is no “special” type of bulb to buy (I don’t have to go into specifics like bulb life and so forth).

I have so many LED products to try I don’t know where to start!

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