Tuesday, February 21, 2012

LEDs That Look Like Candles

LEDs That Look Like Candles

All I wanted to do this evening was read.  At least for a little while until my guys got home.  But then they got home and it was bye-bye peaceful evening.  Our son started wanting my attention from the minute he walked through the door and my husband had had updates about what happened during the day.  I had intended to start the blog earlier, but they just wouldn’t leave me alone.  My husband just saw me writing here and said “LEDs, LEDs, LEDs, Woot woot!”  He’s silly like that.  And of course, now that he knows I’m writing he’s decided to listen to music while he works.

Sometimes I wish we didn’t have all the technology we have today.  We’re so dependent.  I think whoever thought up the design of the bulb I’ve decided to talk about today thought so too.  It’s the Philips AccentLED ™ 15W Replacement Candle with Bent Tip LED Light Bulb with Candelabra (E12) Base.   The bulb itself is shaped like a candle flame, and, when lit, has the same glow.

They’re meant to be used in fixtures like chandeliers, pendant lights and wall sconces, but can be used anywhere.  But its unique shape is meant to be shown off without a shade.  I have seen incandescent equivalents in many homes and places with large chandeliers.

It, like other LED products, lasts up to 20,000 hours while never producing flicker.  That’s 20 times longer than an incandescent bulb and twice as long as a fluorescent bulb.  


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