Monday, February 20, 2012

Philips EnduraLED Dimmable Bulb Steals Spot Light

Philips EnduraLED Dimmable Bulb Steals Spot Light

Just as I was getting ready to sit down and write yesterday’s blog entry, my phone rang.  It was my shift coordinator taking advantage of the new, correct, phone number I have listed to call me in early.  Or, as she said, as soon as possible.  So instead of sitting down to write, I jumped in the shower and was out the door and at work in less than hour.  As I’ve said before, sadly, the only LED light in my workplace at the moment is a co-worker’s personal work light at her desk.  I did some proofreading last night and really wished I had one of my own.  The glare of the fluorescent light bounces off my semi-clear ruler and bothers my eyes.

My office won’t be installing LEDs any time soon (again, sadly).  Even if they did, what I’ll talk about today probably wouldn’t be the ideal candidate.  But it would be around the house or in other spaces where atmospheric lighting – like an art gallery – is needed.

The Philips EnduraLED ™ Dimmable 50W Replacement (10W) MR16 LED with GU5.3 bi-pin base comes in warm white and soft white.  Its companion, the 35W replacement (7W) comes in bright white and soft warm white.  The MR16 emits direction spot light.  It performs best in open flood, recessed, or track lighting fixtures.  Its light output is 445 lumens, comparable to a 50W halogen bulb while using only 10W of power.

The bulb is dimmable and works exceptionally well when connected with top-of-the-line dimmers.  Like other LEDs, it produces a high-quality light without the flicker of a fluorescent and lasts 2.5 times longer than the fluorescent alternative.  It is at least 80% more energy efficient and has an operating life 25 times longer than a traditional incandescent bulb.

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