Monday, February 27, 2012

Kitchen Envy – But Not LED Envy

Kitchen Envy – But Not LED Envy

I envy my friend’s new kitchen.  Double wall ovens, beautiful cherry finish cabinets, what seems like acres of counter space.  But no LEDs.  Deep double under-counter-hung sinks have me up to my elbows when I’m helping her prepare veggies for the many parties they have – impromptu and planned.  I’ve been trying to persuade her with the positives of LEDs and told her basically to “get over it” when it comes to initial cost.  It would make everything in her kitchen sparkle even more than it already does.

Many fixtures appropriate for kitchen lighting are appropriate in the bathroom lighting I talked about yesterday.  Her kitchen has recessed lighting, which is pretty much just a backup to the natural light that floods in from outside through a large window that spans about a quarter of the wall space on and faces the backyard.

In the dining area over the table is a beautiful chandelier.  When I look around her house I just see the potential for LED.  I’ll talk her into it one day, especially since she and her husband run a telecom business and are up on the latest technologies.

The only things missing from her home are track and pendant lights, but I haven’t seen many spaces in her home that would allow such things.  Still, pretty much all of the fixtures in their home could handle as standard “household” (A19) LED bulb.

So. I’ll just keep pushing and pushing until she caves.

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