Tuesday, February 28, 2012

LEDs Moving Up in the World

LEDs Moving Up in the World

The countdown to Hawaii continues.  Although I’m writing this Tuesday night, you’re likely reading it sometime on Wednesday.  So, if you’re reading it Wednesday, know that there are just 6 more days before I take to the skies to spend 10 days on Maui.  In the days before I leave however, I have to clean the house.  Why?  Well, who wants to come home to a dirty house?

We have two ceiling fans in our house, but only one has a light.  It has a globe shade over it, so the bulb is not exposed like in many other ceiling fans.  Every time I flip the switch to the fan with the light I think of how I’d like to replace it with an LED bulb.  Since the fan takes a regular incandescent bulb.  The “best fit” for most ceiling fan fixtures in terms of LEDs, however, is the A15 bulb.

The bulb is shaped like a traditional incandescent bulb and emits light in all directions.  That’s a definite plus when it comes to fixtures that do not somehow cover the bulb.  These bulbs work in fixtures with 110-120V AC voltage from electrical outlets connected to main power sources.

Other areas of the home this could be used in include wall sconces, garage door opener lights and practically every other light in the house.  However, they are best suited to smaller devices like a fan.  These bulbs are at least 80% more energy efficient than regular incandescent bulbs, with a life 25 times as long as an incandescent and 2.5 times as long as a fluorescent.

I wish I were coming home to more than a clean house – but a house that also saves me energy.  I guess I’ll just have to add this to my long list of LED supplies.


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