Wednesday, February 29, 2012

LEDs Light Up the Garage as Well as the Home

LEDs Light Up the Garage as Well as the Home

Today made me really wish we had a garage instead of just a carport.  As I keep hammering away, there are just days left before we leave for Hawaii.  Which means there’s only about a month left before we move out of the only home our son has known.  This is where the garage comes in to play.  We would not have hauled several boxes and storage tubs to our UHaul storage facility today if we had a garage.  The things in those tubs would probably be stacked neatly on utility shelves in that garage.  It’s not as though garages are uncommon in Arizona, but many homes around here have them.

The major thing I miss about not having a garage, aside from having a virtually weather-proof place to store things, is that it’s secure to an extent.  People have been suffered break-ins that occurred through their garage door being tampered with.  The only way you can get in to most garages is through the main door you drive into, which is usually controlled by a remote opener.  The machines I guess you’d call them, that open the garage have lights on them, usually in the front and sometimes in both front and back.

The light, of course, takes a standard incandescent bulb.  The LED replacement for said incandescent is the A15, the one I talked about yesterday.  But the garage door opener is a rather specific and different sort of use for it.  The A15 will emit light in all directions and is the perfect size for a limited space such as a garage door opener device.

Think about how bright – or dim – your garage seems now when you open the door.  Now think about what LED lights do in other areas of your home.  Especially with detached garages, the extra light is helpful as there’s likely no other light source.

Well, I’m off to flip the switch on a very small LED light and dream of the day I’ll own a home with a garage – and an LED light in the opener.

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