Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My LED Makeover Continues with Baby Steps

My LED Makeover Continues with Baby Steps

So today I don’t think is going to be anything about the products on the website.  At least not particularly.  I think I told you all about the fish we got our son for his birthday/Christmas.  We had to buy the tank, the gravel, the food, a net, etcetera, to bring these fish home and care for them properly.  The tank we bought is nothing like I had for my single goldfish (which lived to be about 9 years old!).  This tank has an under-gravel air filter, hood with feeding hole and even a light to shine down on your fish as they swim around in the darkness of your home at night.  We got all that in December.  When I went to prepare to clean the tank this afternoon, I flicked the light switch “ON”, just to make sure everything was working before I unplugged it all, and nothing happened.  I clicked it off and on again.  Still no dice.  So I made sure it was plugged all the way in to the wall socket.  It was.  That means that in about two months, the incandescent bulb that came with the tank has already burned out.  So what do I do?  I take the opportunity to run to the store and buy a two pack of LED bulbs to fit the socket.  It was $2.96 for a two pack.  Since it’s an LED, it’ll last close to the 20,000 hours most LEDs last so I’ll definitely get my money’s worth.  On the other hand, there was the four-pack of the incandescent bulbs for just $1.97.  On the front of the package it says (warns) the bulb lasts for 2,000 hours.  That being the case, I’d use up all four incandescent bulbs and still be 12,000 hours away from burning out one LED.  Being the LED-lover that I am, you know what I chose.

I guess the closest thing to it on the website is this:, but I think this bulb is bigger as it’s used in large lighting fixtures such as chandeliers.

It’s the same size and shape bulb as the incandescent, except instead of that little piece of tungsten inside the bulb it’s an LED.  When I got it home I noticed the packaging said the light was blue.  I figured that would just add to the “ocean” feel rather than the bare white walls of our son’s room.  My husband commented that the light coming from it wasn’t much, which is true I guess.  The incandescent bathed the entire tank in light so that you might as well have left the room light on.  The new light is more understated while still being able to light the tank.  I’m thinking of going out to find a white light to compare apples to apples in a sense, but for now, I’m just going to watch my son’s fish swim in their new blue, cool-to-the-touch light.

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