Thursday, February 16, 2012

Philips AmbientLED Dimmable 60W Replacement Great for Your LED Home Makeover

Philips AmbientLED Dimmable 60W Replacement Great for Your LED Home Makeover

I was in a dark place yesterday.  Not emotionally – I had an eye appointment, which always takes place in a dark room.  I saw spots for a moment when the doctor turned the light back on.  It’s also very bright, harsh, fluorescent light in the exam room.  I notice that few LED lights I already have around my house that I never get this quality after being in the dark and then turning the light on.  Plus, they don’t have that added flicker or large delay or make that little popping, crackling noise that makes me wonder if it’s going to explode the next time I turn it off and on.

My husband and I are big on product reviews when it comes to buying new things.  We’ll research not only to find the best product but also the best price for that best product.  Sometimes it’s a website that has a better deal – sometimes it’s the store.  Then we weigh “extra costs” like shipping and handling and the lag time of delivery versus the gas, time and sales tax of going to buy it at the store.  We haven’t faced buying many electronics recently, but the electronics store across the street has a banner that announces the store’s new online-price price matching guarantee.  Should we find the electronic device we want and the store has it, we may opt to go with the store since we can walk there.  So now that we’re looking to fully upgrade our home to LED, we’re looking for the best of the best.

The Philips AmbientLED ™ Dimmable 60W Replacement A19 LED Light Bulb in soft warm white may be one solution.  It might look weird from the outside, but it gives off a wonderful warm, soft white (but kinda yellow, given the outside of the bulb) light that no incandescent can match.  I couldn’t find a customer review that didn’t speak highly of it.

It’s only 12.5 watts, but gives off the same light and more as the 60 watt incandescent bulb it replaces.  It’s Energy Star ® rated and is great for use in floor and table lamps, pendants, ceiling fixtures and other places around the house.  I have many places in my home I need to replace bulbs – the living room, mine and my husband’s room, my son’s room, the kitchen, our office – everywhere, and this bulb fills the bill.  It’ll last up to 25,000 hours – 25 times longer than the incandescent lights we have in our bedroom and office and 2.5 times longer than the fluorescent light in our kitchen and over my workspace in our office.

Now to figure out what we’ll do with all the savings we’ll experience when we replace everything!

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