Tuesday, March 20, 2012

LED is Worth the Risk

LED is Worth the Risk

How many times have you told someone “don’t JINX IT!”?  Or had them tell you?  I find I’ve said that a lot, especially recently.  In 2009, our luck took a turn for the worse – I lost my job, my husband wasn’t working full time, and then became the inevitability of debt and struggle to keep afloat.  But it seems these days, luck has shined on us – but then I want to tell myself “don’t JINX IT!”  I’m not a negative person, but I’ve learned to be a cautious one.  My husband has worked part-time for an employer for several years while struggling to get his business truly flowing while I’ve bounced between unemployed and temporary work.  But our luck has seemed to turn since the end of our Hawaiian vacation.  The Thursday before we came home, I got a call from the place I currently temp – they are hiring me!  Then we find out our son got accepted to the Catholic school we want him to attend.  But then that phrase crosses my mind.

Caution can be a good thing and a bad thing.  Those who proceed with caution usually reach the end, but may not have had as exciting of a journey as those who took risks in hopes of a greater experience or payout.  

Many people these days exercise caution when it comes to money.  Paying $40 for an LED light bulb doesn’t come high on their list when they are still rather uneducated about the advantages of LED.  But it is really worth the cost.  The GE Energy Smart® Dimmable 30W Replacement (7W) PAR20 LED Light Bulb Warm White (Energy Star® Qualified) – LED7DP20S/NFL/TP is a good gamble.  The bulb uses just 7W to produce the same output (300 lumens) as a 30W incandescent or 50W halogen bulb.
The bulb reduces energy consumption over GE’s standard 30W incandescent R20 reflectors by 77 percent, and joins the 25,000-hour lifetime club that all LED bulbs seem to be a member of.  Additionally, the LED bulbs contain no lead or mercury, are 100% recyclable and RoHS compliant.  This bulb is dimmable and works in standard 110-120V AC outlets.  It has an E26 standard screw-in base to fit most all light fixtures.

While I cross my fingers and hope that sharing my good news with all of you doesn’t jinx anything, I hope you’ll take the risk and switch to LED – the payout is awesome!


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