Sunday, March 4, 2012

Cell Phone LED

Cell Phone LED

This entry has to be quick.  I have to leave for work soon.  Today’s entry isn’t going to be about anything on the website, because this is too good of a topic to pass up.  I got a new cell phone a couple days ago.  It came with the basic stuff, but instead of a complete user guide in the box there was the “quick start guide” and the website address to find the PDF of the entire manual.  It was rather slow at work the night I got it, so I played around with it a bit.  Then, I sought out the user guide online.  It has 199 pages of 8.5”x11” paper!  No wonder AT&T decided to go the route they did.  If they had reduced the size of the paper to make the guide small enough so it could fit in the phone box, it would have been a 300+ page manual.

Back to business though.  As part of the “getting started” section of the user manual, it tells you how to charge the battery.  Details of Step 2 read: “As the battery is being charged, the notification LED shows a solid orange light.  The light turns solid green when the battery is fully charged.”  There’s also a red LED that appears solid or blinks depending on how close your battery is to dead. 

The screen also has an LED backlight.  I don’t know whether these bulbs last any more or work any better than an incandescent bulb would – especially since it is so small and when the phone is in “sleep” mode it’s not on.

I debated while writing the rest of this whether to mention what phone this is.  I think I will – especially since it’s a way to get LED into your life.  It’s the HTC Vivid.  It’s a smart phone that has a touch screen and an entire store of apps from Angry Birds to several “facebook games”.

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