Monday, March 5, 2012

Off To Maui

Off To Maui

Today’s post is the last for a little while.  In the morning, I’ll be on my way to sunny Maui.  I’m trying to think of something good to talk about.  I might think about you all while I’m there.  Before I sat down to write I was packing carry-on bags for me and my son.  I’ve been looking all over for my LED book light, but can’t seem to find it – and I don’t really have time to run out and find/get one.  Maybe when I get to the island I’ll go to a gift shop and find something.

I can’t continue writing.  I have to go lay down, as I’m not feeling well.  No, it’s not Hawaii Fever, but something else.  I hope you have an LED-filled time without me.

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