Saturday, March 24, 2012

How Philips is Bringing LED to You

How Philips is Bringing LED to You

A couple of emergencies kept me from here the last two days.  Things are better, however, and I’m back.  A lot of the products we carry on the website come from Philips, and since I’ve already reviewed the newest products listed, I thought I’d turn to the Internet to find some news on what Philips is doing right now.  The company is currently on a nationwide tour called the Philips LED Light Experience.
The company rolled its mobile exhibit into the Miami Home Design and Remodeling Show at the Miami Beach Convention Center this weekend (March 23-26).

The exhibit provides hand-on mini-exhibits that allow visitors to explore just exactly what LED lighting can do for the home.  They can learn how an LED bulb is made, what makes them so different from incandescent and fluorescent bulbs and get tips on how to brighten up and green up their homes.  It focuses mainly on Philips’ line of AmbientLED and EnduraLED bulbs.

AmbientLED bulbs can be used all around the home – in the kitchen, bedroom, office, indoors or outdoors – just about anywhere inside or outside the home where there is a standard fixture and outlet.  I admit, when I first saw the line of LED bulbs, I thought the shape looked a little funny, but as I researched the line more closely, I found the odd shapes help improve the quality of the light the bulb produces.

Since I haven’t been to or seen the show, I don’t know exactly which bulbs are being showcased, but their current pride and joy – the EnduraLED™ Dimmable 60W Replacement (10W) A19 LED light bulb, winner of the DOE’s L Prize® - must be one of them.

The mobile exhibit travels a whopping 20 miles to its next tour stop in Hollywood, Florida on March 27.  Other cities on the tour include Atlanta, GA; Seven Corners, VA; Gaithersburg, MD; Norwalk, CT and Queens, NY.,,

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