Thursday, March 29, 2012

LEDs Could Be Very Beneficial In Healthcare Field

LEDs Could Be Very Beneficial In Healthcare Field

It’s been an interesting couple of days.  Tuesday my son had a dentist appointment for a procedure the dentist called a “baby root canal”.  They used a topical gel to numb the area before the dentist injected the Novocain into his gum.  He got freaked by the needle and then the fact that the dentist had to go in a second time to inject more.  Now he has to have the procedure somewhere else where they can put him under.  Then on Wednesday our daredevil boy went head first into one of our glass lamps and we paid a visit to the emergency room.  So I haven’t been thinking about LED lighting much.

Neither of these venues looked like they use LED, but it would be beneficial, given the kind of work they do.  Eliminating glare while still getting brighter, whiter light is a definite plus when it comes to the healthcare industry.  Many of the lighting devices used (I think) use floodlight type bulbs.  The dentist office utilizes track lighting fixtures in many areas, and the product I discuss today is perfect for track and so-called “downlight.”

The GE Energy Smart® Dimmable 65W Replacement (12W) BR30 LED Light Bulb in warm white is Energy Star® qualified.  It’s perfect for recessed-can and downlight applications and is most frequently used in the hospitality, property management and restaurant sectors.  But because medical professional facilities utilize a lot of recessed-can and similar light, I would love to see such products make their way into the healthcare industry.

Since it’s an LED, this 65W replacement bulb uses only a percentage of the wattage of an incandescent bulb (12W versus 65W) while still producing the same output (750 lumens).  It fits standard sockets with 110 to 120V AC power.  The bulb, like all LEDs, has the instant-on quality that eliminates flicker.  It lasts, like nearly all other LEDs, for 25,000 hours.  I wonder how many patients that is.  Now I’ll just have to talk at least the dentist in to giving LED a chance.

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