Monday, March 26, 2012

Our LED Makeover Could Include “Dimmer” Bulbs As Well

Our LED Makeover Could Include “Dimmer” Bulbs As Well

The product I discussed yesterday has a “little brother”.  The GE Energy Smart® Dimmable Replacement Omni-directional A19 LED light has a 40W/9W version as well.  The LED bulb only uses 9W of energy, but replicates the output of a 40W incandescent.  I don’t know many people who use anything below 60W for everyday use, but in some places a little bit dimmer light is necessary.

As stated in a roundabout way above, the new bulb uses just 9W of power but is rated at 450 lumens of output – similar to a 40W incandescent.  Its “full brightness” is similar to that of both incandescent and halogen lamps (but like all LEDs, comes on immediately and without flicker).  Also like many of the LEDs we discuss, it has a 25,000 hour lifetime – 25 times that of an incandescent bulb and 2.5 times that of a CFL.

The bulb is good for most indoor applications, including the living room, bedroom, family room, kitchen, or wherever your lighting needs may be.

Once we find our new home, we’ll have to figure out just how this bulb fits in.

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