Saturday, March 3, 2012

LED Would Have Helped Light the Way

LED Would Have Helped Light the Way

The countdown continues.  Only THREE, yes THREE more days until beautiful, sunny Maui.  I was still pumped when I got home from work in the morning.  Not necessarily because of the countdown, but probably because of the two, 20 ounce Cokes I had over the course of my 12-hour shift.  Still, I came home and went into my son’s room – where I sleep because it’s darker there than in my room.  But since I was pumped, I decided I’d read a little.  Then the hunt was on for a light.  I didn’t want to disturb my guys, so I opted for a flashlight instead of the floor lamp, which would illuminate the whole room.  I was crushed when I couldn’t find our LED flashlight.  So I made do with the incandescent bulb flashlight I found, although the brightness of the light was concentrated on the edges of the paper while this ugly shadow beat down on the middle and made me move the flashlight back and forth as I read.  I wished even for a small bedside lamp with a shade.  With an LED bulb of course.

I think most of the bulbs in our fixtures are 75 watt.  A 75W LED replacement bulb uses just 12W of energy while producing 900-1100 lumens.  So-called “General Household” LED bulbs emit light in all directions.  Such bulbs are 87% more energy efficient than their incandescent ancestors and 45% more energy efficient than its fluorescent predecessor.  They produce a better quality light than the other two and don’t flicker on or have any sort of delay.  It makes me nervous when I flip on the light in my son’s room and it take 3-5 seconds for the light to actually come on.  It makes me think the bulb has burned out.  I never have that doubt with LED lights.

Like other LEDs, the 75W replacement bulbs last for at least 25,000 hours.  That’s 25 times longer than an incandescent and 2.5 times longer than a fluorescent (but you knew that already, right?)  If you replaced just one incandescent bulb, you’d see about $240 in savings on your electricity bill.

All I can say is: sign me up!

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