Sunday, March 25, 2012

Our LED Makeover Could Begin Soon

Our LED Makeover Could Begin Soon

My husband is really on-board the LED “train” so to speak.  He looked over at the “shop” page of the website and saw some of the really cool stuff we have.  Then he started peppering me with questions and comments like “if you can find me a really good 60 watt replacement I’d be happy; I need that to feel like at least I don’t live in the dark.”  So I scrolled through some of the products to show him the many 60W replacement bulbs.  Then he commented on the LED string lights listed for less than $10 and we began talking about decorating and the pros and cons between string lights and strip lights.  I felt like a bobble-head doll nodding my head the whole time and saying “I know, I know.”  Then I noticed the newest products under the “New Products” list.

Since my hubby’s interested in 60W and above, I’ll talk about the new 60W replacement bulb today.  The new GE Energy Smart® Dimmable 60W Replacement (13W) Omni-directional A19 LED light bulb in warm white (LED13DA19/830/TP) is Energy Star® qualified.  This bulb is shaped like nothing I’ve seen from the LED world so far.  When I first saw it, I thought it looked a lot like an incandescent bulb being held in the claws of a monster.  But that was before I read the description.

As stated above, the new bulb uses just 13W of power and is rated up to 800 lumens.  Its full brightness is similar to that of incandescent and halogen lamps, but comes on instantly and without flickering.  Like just about all the LEDs I talk about, this one is already rated to have a 25,000 hour lifetime, which means savings, savings, savings.  The voltage is a traditional 110-120V AC and the bulb boasts a standard E26 screw-in, the kind that fits most fixtures.

My husband later continued on to talk about the fact that people are slow in accepting LED, since they don’t realize the long-term value – that they last longer and produce a better quality light – but rather focus on the high initial cost.  This, of course, also means less waste.  The energy-efficiency and long-lasting qualities of LEDs mean fewer bulbs are thrown away versus incandescent, halogen, and fluorescent bulbs (don’t forget to add in the approximate $130 energy bill savings).  The lights also contain no lead or mercury, meaning they’re totally recyclable.  The new bulbs are also RoHS compliant.

I sent my hubby the link to look around the website.  Maybe our LED makeover will finally start!

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