Thursday, May 3, 2012

LED Ups and Downs

LED Ups and Downs

I’m struggling to write this right now.  I’ve got a lot on my mind.  We almost put down deposits on an apartment today; we’re still looking for our new “perfect place” and now the biggie: someone has offered me a chance to edit a big project.  No, I won’t be leaving you, because I love this.  In fact, we’re shoving our house hunt in to overdrive because my husband wants to get on with the LED upgrade we’ll make when we move.  I think I’ll take a cruise around the website once we get settled, and pick some stuff out – or at least go through all my entries and find the products I’ve “earmarked” for myself.

Talking to my mom today, I found out her landscaping company had some hits and misses when it came to LEDs in the last week.  First, a “floral” arrangement they were planning on for Mother’s Day didn’t quite work out.  The concept was based on a candy maker’s ability to form lollipops into rosebuds.  The inner part of the flower would have been the round lollipop and carved petals would have been attached…somehow.  The thing that makes this LED-related is the fact that a single LED was to be encased in each round lollipop.  These lollipop roses would have been interspersed with real roses for a really cool arrangement.  

Second, it was a lost-in-translation success for the company.  An Asian boy, college aged, and clearly not from US – came in to order some arrangements for their school’s commencement ceremony.  He was told to tell whoever (my mom) at the company that “what you did for us in 2009 will be good.”  This, apparently, was all he was told to say and all he knew how to describe what was needed and wanted.  After some back and forth, my mom simply called the school.  When she got the information she needed to look up the previous transaction, she found that incandescent string/twinkle lights were used.  Now, however, the company has gone LED.  So the arrangements for this year’s ceremony will include exclusively LED lighting – at least in the décor.

Now just to convince the school to change the building’s lights to LED.  That may take a little time – I’ll tell you how it goes…

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