Monday, May 7, 2012

Great Minds Think Alike

 I’m back.  While at work Saturday morning I pinched a nerve and/or pulled a muscle in my shoulder – to the point I couldn’t feel the rest of my arm.  My husband and son had to come get me, as I was bent over at the waist and couldn’t sit straight up anymore.  After a visit to the chiropractor, I started to feel better.  He advised minimal activity that would disrupt the healing process – including working on the computer.  So not only have I stayed away from my computer since then, I haven’t even gone into the room where it’s located.  Until just now.

And apparently, great minds think alike.  As I went to post the entry I wrote, I noticed I've been beaten to the punch.   So I've evaluated my own entry to compliment the one already here.  Other information regarding the new 27W (100W replacement) GE Energy Smart® LED bulb:

It's the work of Ohio-based scientists, engineers and product designers and is the outcome of a collaboration with  ecomaginationsm Challenge winner Nuventix, a creator of LED cooling technologies for energy-efficient lighting.  It incorporates proprietary synthetic jet technology and emits over 1600 lumens (over 60 lumens/watt) in a uniform, omnidirectional light distribution.  Like other LEDs, it has a 25,000-hour life span, contains no mercury and comes on instantly to full brightness.

There's also a 75W replacement bulb.

I should start buying and packing away the LEDs I want (like this one) to use in our new home - which is getting closer and closer.

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