Sunday, May 20, 2012

LED Makeover Will Take Time

LED Makeover Will Take Time

I’m back!  We’re still moving in and unpacking, but we’re in enough to the point that I am finally (somewhat) set up to write again.  This is being written from my laptop instead of my desktop, since I have no desktop to put a desktop computer on!  I’ve gone through the house and figured out just how many bulbs it would take to do a full LED makeover – 31.  We have track /spot lights in the kitchen, a chandelier at the front entrance, bathrooms with vanity lights and so on – all adding up to about 31 bulbs.  We’ll have to shop around for the best deals, but it will probably take a while to get every bulb changed out.

There’s not much new going on right now in the world of LED.  Maybe you all could help me: is there anything you really want to know about LEDs?  Let me know and I’ll do my best.  Meanwhile, I have so more research to do as to what bulbs I can and want to put in.

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