Saturday, May 12, 2012

Philips to Show African Nations What LED Lighting Can Do

Philips to Show African Nations What LED Lighting Can Do

I’m taking a break from all the packing and hubbub that goes along with moving.  My husband cleaned up our utility room yesterday, and took a count of how many fixtures we’d be taking with us that need LED bulbs once we get them to the new house to set up.  We just have to buy them – about 10 – now.  That’s not to mention the overhead fixtures already in the place, but that’s not much.  We haven’t decided whether to go with GE or Philips products or a variety of the two.  People in Africa, however, have chosen Philips.

That’s because Royal Philips Electronics has announced its third pan-African Cairo to Cape Town road show.  The show runs May 16th through August 16th 2012 and is meant to raise awareness on how healthcare and lighting solutions can enhance life on the continent.  Philips has been active in Africa for more than a century and hopes to continue that presence for years to come.  A representative for Philips said that growth in the sub-Saharan is projected to be around 6% this year.

Philips organized its first Cairo to Cape Town road show back in 2010 with a limited number of stops.  This year’s version covers 12,000 kilometers (7,453 miles) across eleven countries and 17 cities.  The road show gives Philips a chance to showcase recent innovations.  It also allows the company to engage with customers, governments, the media and NGOs on topics relating to the biggest challenges facing African nations today – including Mother and Child Care, Women’s Healthcare, energy-efficient LED and solar lighting.

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