Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Empire State Building Getting LED Makeover

Empire State Building Getting LED Makeover

Many towns, cities and even states decide to light up their most iconic structures in honor of or to boost awareness of a cause.  It’s still few and far between that we hear that these same iconic structures are receiving a permanent LED makeover, so when one of the most iconic structures in the US its big news.

The Empire State Building in New York City will soon replace its traditional tower lights with energy-efficient LED lights controlled by a computerized system.  The computer system will also allow the operator to illuminate the building in a myriad of color combinations – over 16 million (compared to the 10 used now).  Behind this transformation is the Philips company and its Color Kinetics LED fixtures.   The current system requires a large crew to swap out the building’s 400 fixtures; the new LED system will make the changes to the 68,000 LEDs  in real-time by the operator of the computer system.
Maybe it’s time I visit New York.


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