Sunday, May 27, 2012

LED Bulbs Aren’t the Only Way To Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

LED Bulbs Aren’t the Only Way To Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

We moved recently (which you well know).  The next thing after the physical move is to get unpacked and organized.  That’s what we’ve been doing.  This includes deciding what stuff we want to recycle, donate or just plain throw out, then, finding a place to put everything we actually want to keep.  We have a new wardrobe/storage unit set up in our new playroom which holds pretty much all of our son’s toys and some of ours.  We have a new shelving unit in our garage (another good place to store things).  We didn’t have these things even remotely picked out before we moved, so we’ve been shopping and deciding since we moved in.  Of course, shopping means going to a store that probably sells more than what you are actually looking for and hoping to buy when you walk in and find your way to the “thing” you’re looking for.  

I’m always on the lookout for a high-quality LED like the ones we sell on the website, but with all of the moving expenses and regular living expenses, we can’t handle a changeover right now.

We were at Lowe’s recently – and while I was busy trying to find LEDs, my husband was busy trying to find what we’d actually come for and we passed by a new thermostat.  It’s called the Nest thermostat and it’s (probably) the first “smart” thermostat.  I know it’s the first I’ve ever seen.  You can use your smart phone to control it.  It “learns” your heating and cooling habits in order to help you save money on energy costs.  And it does lots of other cool stuff too.  I’ve found nothing that actually says Nest uses LEDs, which is our focus here, but it would be a great addition to those of us beginning our “green” adventure by switch to LED light bulbs.  Based on what it looks like, I think Nest does use LEDs.

So maybe we’ll pick up one of these when we finally get our LEDs.

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