Tuesday, May 22, 2012

South Carolina City Kicks Off LED Streetlight Pilot Program

South Carolina City Kicks Off LED Streetlight Pilot Program

I’m really glad my home office is set up again.  I have a great new desk and a clean workspace – highlighted by a good sturdy bookcase to hold all of my writing necessities.  Maybe I’ll get some of those touch-on LED lights to help brighten up the space a little more.  Our “office area” is actually in a little alcove in our bedroom.  I’m not a workaholic to the point I need my computer in bedroom – the computers go off at night while we sleep, so the light and noise doesn’t bother us.

As we were walking around our new neighborhood tonight, I noticed a lack of streetlights.  In fact, not many neighborhoods have streetlights around here.  My neighborhood back in Michigan had streetlights on both sides of the street probably about 15 feet apart from one another from one end of the block to the other.  Here in Arizona, there are only one or two street lights on each side of the road, per block.

I don’t know how many street lights there are, per-block, in the city of Greenville, South Carolina.  But the city is testing out a new pilot program that brings LEDs to the streets.  The mayor, Knox White, and representatives from the participating entities of Hubbell Lighting, Duke, GE, and the Green Ribbon Advisory Committee recently announced the LED Streetlight Pilot program. 

The LED streetlights have been installed along Main Street downtown and the city will test various fixtures for light quality, maintenance, power consumption, and public safety.  The start of the new program is just one of the many ways Greenville is trying to become greener and become a more livable place for its citizens.


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