Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Philips EnduraLED A-Shape Lamp

After exceeding the quality and energy efficiency requirements for a 60W LED equivalent set forth by Energy Star, Philips EnduraLED 12.5W has proved its highly and cost efficiency that can be used by professional end users. It will last 25 times longer and uses 80% less energy than 60W incandescent lamps.

By meeting the quality energy efficiency requirements set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), products that have Energy Star labels are often eligible for utility rebate programs. It will make it easier for end users to begin saving energy because the product cost will be lower. To be able to earn an Energy Star label, a 60W LED equivalent must meet the following specifications: a minimum light output of 800 lumen, a color temperature of 2700K  (for soft-white light), color rendering of 80, a minimum of 3 years warranty, etc. Would you believe that Philips EnduraLED has met or exceeded those specifications with 806 lumens, 2700K, a CRI of 80 and a 6 year warranty? Amazing eh? 

The Philips EnduraLED line is one of the broadest portfolios of LED retrofits on the market, which also includes decorative candle lights, PAR-38s, PAR-30s, and MR-16s.

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