Wednesday, May 2, 2012

New Grocery Store in Phoenix Uses LED Lighting Whenever it Can

New Grocery Store in Phoenix Uses LED Lighting Whenever it Can

There’s a new, 24-hour grocery store here in town.  It’s pretty much just food items, so the “hard goods” (like light bulbs) aren’t a big part of the stock.  We were passing down the aisle where such items were located and I took a brief look to see if there might be any LEDs.  There weren’t.  Sad, yes, but I suppose when the main draw of a store is food/grocery, it’s somewhat expected that only one set of four-foot wide shelves is dedicated to light bulbs.  And they were all either incandescent or halogen.  The good thing?  When they can, the grocery chain opts for LED lighting.

Here’s their reasoning, taken from their website:

Opting for LED lighting wherever we can… LED lighting is a smarter, greener choice than traditional or fluorescent lighting for two reasons. First, LED light bulbs are more energy efficient and need replacing less frequently. Second, LED doesn’t contain mercury or emit UV light, which means it’s safer for the environment and our customers.

The company practices other money- and energy-saving ways, like a policy of “the customer bags their own groceries.  That’s a bit of a shift from other stores – even wholesale “club” stores where the cashier or a bagger at the end of the lane do the work and not publishing newspaper ads each week.

But it warms my LED-loving heart that they take advantage of this great technology whenever they can.  Discount groceries and LED lighting?  Awesome.

Website source for company quote:

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