Friday, May 25, 2012

Car Interiors Could Be Going LED

Car Interiors Could Be Going LED

There was a show on MTV for several years called Pimp My Ride.  The show consisted of taking someone’s car – whether it was an old beater or brand new – and “dressing it to the nines” so to speak.  I never actually watched the show, because it just didn’t interest me.  But this article that inspired today’s entry sparked me to at least look up to see if it still airs new episodes.  (It doesn’t.  It went off the air in 2007).  Apparently a new trend is to customize a car’s interiors with LED lighting.  And it’s starting at the manufacturers’ level.

As the price of LEDs continue to decline, auto manufacturers are experimenting with ambient lighting systems in order to create a distinctive feel and identity in a traditionally neglected space.  Parts of the interior receiving the LED treatment: the dashboard and the main, central lighting systems, along with places like glove boxes, ceilings, doors and flooring.

The possibilities that LEDs bring to the table could mean “smarter” interiors – interiors customized to a driver’s needs and wishes – like gesture-based technology to control the lighting, color-based displays, and even technology that assists drivers with reduced hearing and eyesight.  Or it will be another feature to lure in Generation Y drivers looking for enhanced features and connectivity with mobile and other devices.

My thoughts: where’s my LED car?

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