Friday, April 6, 2012

GE LED Lamps Deliver a World of Savings to Johnny Janosik World of Furniture

‘The Longest Furniture Store on the Eastern Shore!’ Johhny Janosik (located in Laurel, Delaware) has served customers with the “shortest prices” since 1953. GE Lighting energy-efficiently lamps immediately hit the mark when its management aimed at all-new LED illumination for their 180,000-square-foot facility. 

The management wanted something that will reflect the exact color rendition of their furnitures. It would be a problem if the lighting doesn’t reflect the hue of a fabric because the customer might think that it isn’t the same sofa or furniture that he saw in the store. Having in mind that proper lighting is really important, Johhny Janosik’s management decided to replace their store’s 4,000 75-watt halogen spotlights with GE’s energy smart® 12-watt high-output LED PAR30 long neck lamps that will yield them $8,500 of electricity savings per month while setting a proper tone for showroom merchandise. 

Six months after  Johhny Janosik opened in 2006, there were lamps going out everyday, and they just couldn’t keep up on it because they had a several thousand of them. The management are now relieved that it won’t be an issue any longer for years to come.


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