Tuesday, April 17, 2012

New Nook SimpleTouch Has LED Lighting

New Nook SimpleTouch Has LED Lighting

I love the feel of a paperback book in my hand.  I’ve loved reading ever since I could read and sneak away to do it whenever I have the time.  Most mornings when I get home from work I’m still very much awake, and have learned that laying there wishing I’d fall asleep is worse than actually sleeping during the day.  So I read.  We have an LED light on an adjustable strap that fits around a head.  Since I don’t want to wake my guys up, or want them to think I’m trying to sleep, I turn the device on rather than the light connected to the switch on the wall.  I’ve been very resistant to things like the Nook and Kindle – mainly because of that need to have a book in my hands and be able to turn the pages.

The new Nook SimpleTouch might – and I emphasize might change my mind.  Barnes & Noble – makers of the Nook and all its incarnations – announced that the newest version of the SimpleTouch is equipped with (LED) front-lighting.  The new lighting, called “Flex Lighting” is a thin LED lighting film that sits on top of the “e-ink” display.  The brightness of the LEDs is, like many of the products we carry on our website, adjustable.

A “regular” Nook SimpleTouch (one without LED) has an average battery life of two months when used for one hour a day.  The LED version is said to last “over one month” based on the same usage.  I wonder: how many battery charging sessions it would take before the LEDs themselves wear out?  I suppose that may be what turns the tide for me.


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