Friday, April 20, 2012

New LED Light Makes Firefighting “Easier”

New LED Light Makes Firefighting “Easier”

Since I missed last night I wanted to get an early start.  We picked up my mother-in-law from the airport late last night.  Sadly, it doesn’t look like the airport has been installed LED lighting anywhere.  But we did see a lot of LED head- and taillights on vehicles on the way home.  By the time we got back, it was after midnight and I was too tired to even try to sit down anywhere than on the bed and I definitely wasn’t interested in reading, let alone writing.  Another thing we saw on our way to the airport was an abundance of police cars in various places along the route.  Sometimes when there are police there’s an ambulance or fire truck, but it didn’t look like that was the case last night.  Maybe if there had been a fire truck they would have had the product I’ll talk about this morning.

Note the title.  There’s nothing, absolutely nothing that makes firefighting in any way “easy.”  Firefighting is probably one of the most dangerous jobs I can think of.  Yes, all first-responders put themselves in harm’s way to help us, but only firefighters breathe in the smoke and pollutants that come with fire and run blindly into the burning site through the thick smoke.  A new LED light can help firefighters cut through the smoke to assess the situation better.  The FoxFury Breakthrough BT2 and BT3 LED right angle lights are fire resistant, SMO-KUT lights.

The new lights, which do the job of both a conventional right angle light and a box light, were unveiled yesterday at FDIC 2012 and will be available in June.  The BT2’s and BT3’s (the numbers stand for the degree of the beam) SMO-KUT beam provides the smoke cutting capability of larger, heavier light boxes while being housed in a right angle light body.  This means all firefighters have both hands free in all situations and have the benefit of increased efficiency and visibility.

Depending on the advantage you want, you’ll need to go with either model.  The 200-torch lumen BT2 is best at cutting through smoke while the 600 torch lumen BT3 is best at lighting up a scene.  Both are waterproof and fire resistant and run on just four common AA batteries.

This is a product I would definitely help my local fire department buy.

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