Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Philips introduces their LED lighting innovations at Light + Building 2012

It’s overwhelming that LED light bulbs are not just known here in our country, but also in other countries as well. I’ve recently read that Philips has attended the world’s leading lighting and architecture fair in Frankfurt, Germany. They presented a range of lighting technology for consumers and professionals. As what the Chief Executive Officer said, LED Lighting plays a unique role in creating meaningful experiences for people and delivers significant energy savings. Other people are missing a lot if they are not fully aware of the advantages of using LED light bulbs - a full switch to the latest LED lighting would provide energy savings of up to 80% in many applications and an average of 40% for all lighting. Amazing, eh? 

The following are Philips’ innovation highlights at Light + Building 2012:
·         CityTouch intelligent light management system for city-wide street lighting
·          Light Balancing solution from Philips and Somfy that intelligently manages the balance of  artificial lighting and natural daylight in offices
·         Extended range of Philips’ innovative PureDetail LED solution for fashion retail
·         75W LED replacement bulb for both consumer and professional applications
·         Nick-Knack design luminaire for homes based on the Italian animated series ‘’La Linea’’
·         A new high performance Lumiblade OLED panel for general lighting applications

Philips is known for providing intelligent lighting solutions for cities, delivering great quality light, and lighting design innovation. I know everyone will agree with that. ;)

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