Thursday, April 12, 2012

Marriott Goes LED at International Headquarters

Marriott Goes LED at International Headquarters

How many of you travel?  Probably a lot.  What’s your favorite hotel (chain or not) to stay in?  Since my family is part of the HiltonHonors program, we try to find a Hilton-run hotel.  If Hilton owned Marriott or vice versa, today’s story (yes, I traveled out to the Internet again for today’s entry) would not tear me in two directions the way it does.

GE (a brand we now carry on the website) Lighting LED solutions were recently installed in several locations throughout Marriott International’s headquarters in Bethesda, Maryland.  Eventually, the company will replace every light with LEDs.  The company estimates that with the energy savings provided by LEDs, the international headquarters will use 860,000 kilowatt hours less in electricity and over $120,000 in combined maintenance and energy costs a year to light the nearly two-million-square-feet of parking and garage space at the headquarters.

Over 200 of GE’s Evolve LED Area Lights now shine down on the outdoor lots, while inside the parking deck there are about 400 Evolve LED Garage Light fixtures and numerous Evolve LED Tunnel Light installations.  Added to that, the new garage lighting can be dimmed with the help of GE’s ProSys™ Lighting Control system with motion sensors.

And that’s just outside.    Hopefully what they do inside is just as great.

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