Sunday, April 22, 2012

Still Looking for Ideas – And LED Converts

Still Looking for Ideas – And LED Converts

I’ve always kind of “known” about LED.  Since I was still young, in school and living either with my parents or at a dorm that changed the lights in our living areas, I had no control over the kind of bulbs that were used.  Now that I do, it’s just a matter of saving up enough money to make an all-in-one switchover.  We don’t have many non-ceiling-mounted light fixtures, so it shouldn’t take much, but there are other bills or things that keep us busy and it doesn’t get done.  Like I’ve said many times before, I think it will get done when we move.  Anyway, this ramble is going somewhere.  While I have always “known” about LED, many others haven’t.

I put a “call”, more or less, out on Facebook the other day.  I wrote, “Does anyone out there use LED lighting in their house?  I’m a blogger on the subject and need some ideas!”  My husband’s cousin replied with “what are LED light bulbs?  Those circled up ones that look like curly fries?”  I had to laugh, but it was a good description of a CFL from someone who didn’t know the difference. 

She then replied with “My dad has changed over just about all his light bulbs to them.  They are very bright.  I have changed one lamp.  Some flood light ones take a while to brighten up outside at night.”  The last comment makes me wonder if she was talking about CFLs or LEDs.

An even later comment had me smiling though.  When I replied with “LEDs have many shapes and sizes, last a heck of a lot longer than any other kind of bulb, are brighter…” and a lot of other stuff.  Her reply to this was: “do they work in regular lamps and where can you buy them?  My fish tank for my BETTA has LED lights…does that count? lol”, and “I feel behind the times Keri and am interested in this research of yours”.  And I thought: JACKPOT!

So I sent her the link to our site, and assured her that most fit into standard fixtures and that they were available at pretty much anywhere you buy light bulbs (someone who says they’re behind the times might not do a whole lot of online shopping!)  I have yet to follow up with her to see if she’s changed any.

Hopefully I’ve made another convert!

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