Wednesday, April 25, 2012

GE Energy Smart® LED light bulbs

Did you know that GE Lighting (one of the largest and longest-lasting lighting companies in the world) also offers LED light bulbs? Producing light using less power than halogen and incandescent technologies, GE LED light bulbs are surely efficient than the latter. They offer a wide range of LED bulbs that earned the ENERGY STAR® rating, and you can also expect up to 25,000 hours of rated life.That’s actually 12 hrs./day, each day of the year, for over a decade! Can you imagine that? I must agree that they’re indeed built to last. I’ve wondered about the components that create the light in a GE energy smart® LED bulb, and was surprised to find out that the answer is: small LED chips! And yes, they’re similar to what’s in a computer. What distinguishes a GE energy smart® LED bulb from a lesser bulb are the smooth integration and configuration of the chips into the bulb and the integrity of the whole system.Also, to bring out the features that you want from your bulb, the optics in a GE energy smart® LED distribute the LED chip’s light for a more uniform, soft, or focused light. GE engineers craft this component specifically to each bulb for better performance. GE energy smart® LEDs use (cooling) fins and heat sinks that are specially designed to properly circulate air and cool the LED system that will maximize the bulb life. The successful design and engineering of these fins are an example of the 125 years of lighting expertise that GE brings to its energy smart® LED bulbs. The  LED driver of GE energy smart® LED bulbs converts incoming electricity to the appropriate and steady voltages needed by the LED chips. Good design and engineering is critical because a poorly designed LED product can flicker, shift in color, look dim, offer uneven light, or even continue to use power when turned off. To ensure that every claim is supported, GE Lighting backs every single bulb with stringent, comprehensive testing. GE energy smart® LEDs are made to be compatible with your existing lighting fixtures so that means that they are available in regular (medium) as well as candelabra (and GU10 and GU5.3) bases in the popular sizes. They are also shaped to fit your fixtures, too! GE has been in the business of lighting for over 125 years, ensuring that their products are durable and useful.

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