Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Please Leave a Message

Please Leave a Message

When I call any kind of company for service, I know I’m probably going to be waiting on hold for a little while.  Some companies have hold music to keep those who call entertained while they deal with the people who called in first.  Some companies don’t have that, and the moment the operator places me on hold it seems like they’ve actually hung up on me.  And many times when I think of hanging up and calling back, a person who can actually help me picks up.  The “latest and greatest” in customer service is live online chat.  Some companies have technicians manning computer stations just to talk to those who don’t want to wait in line on the phone.  There are other companies that have a “virtual assistant” that has been programmed with responses to FAQs not found on the website.

When I got back from vacation a couple weeks ago and logged on to the website, I noticed we have joined the trend (I had a new list of products to talk up though).  Down in the bottom right there’s a little green rectangular box.  I look at mine now and it says “Offline – Leave a message”.  Since I don’t have a “normal” schedule, I think I’ve only seen it display its “online” message a couple of times – it might even be a different color, I don’t remember.  Click on the box.  OK?  If there was the offline message when you clicked it, there’s a space to enter your email, name and message and then you click SUBMIT.  Then we get back to you as soon as possible.

In the bottom left of the chat box, it says “Options” – click that.  Again, while I’m writing this we are offline, so my view differs slightly than if we were online.  Under options you can change your name, toggle sound, choose to email yourself a transcript of the chat once you’re finished with a live conversation or clear the chat history altogether.

Chat with you soon!


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