Thursday, April 5, 2012

Furniture Store Switches to LED to Shine Brighter

Furniture Store Switches to LED to Shine Brighter

Our search for a new house continues.  We haven’t actually been in anything in a while, but wherever we settle, it will definitely be lit with as many LEDs as possible.  There are several things we’re looking for in our next home, even with it being a rental – but such expectations are also guided by the neighborhoods we are looking in.  Our son’s new school is in one of the more affluent areas of the Phoenix metro area, so homes have a few more “extras” and “luxuries” than those of other areas of town.  But in this next house there WILL be LEDs.

Since our LED makeover will start in our new home, and there are now some GE products on the site now and I’ve already talked about them, I turned to GE in the news for this post.  In the spotlight (yes, pun intended) today, is GE’s Energy Smart® 12W high-output LED PAR30 long neck lamp.

In Laurel, Delaware (apparently) you’ll find ‘The Longest Furniture Store With The Shortest Prices”.  GE-Retail is helping the Johnny Janosik World of Furniture to maybe reduce their prices even more.  The company (Johnny Janosik) has decided to install all-new LED lighting for its 180,000-square-foot facility.  The energy-efficient LED products GE is providing will yield an estimated $100,000 in yearly electricity savings for the furniture store while highlighting the furnishings even more.

But energy savings was more of a side benefit than the overall goal.  The company’s CEO said that it’s color rendition was the bigger concern.  He said if the lighting doesn’t reflect the true hue of a fabric it’s a problem when the product is delivered and the customer says “that doesn’t look anything like what I saw at the store!”

The furniture store chose the bulbs after extensive research and despite the fact that the bulbs produce about 30% fewer lumens than comparable halogen and incandescent lamps, the store has 12-foot and 14-foot tall ceilings and the LEDs’ advanced optics concentrate light on “the target” and diminish excess light.

Too bad we don’t live in Delaware.  Maybe I’d buy our next couch from here!

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