Monday, April 16, 2012

New GE 40W Replacement Bulb Costs Less Than Four Dollars Per Year to Operate

New GE 40W Replacement Bulb Costs Less Than Four Dollars Per Year to Operate

Sorry I’ve missed a few days, but I could barely get out of bed.  After my cat’s vet appointment Friday afternoon I intended to come home and write that day’s entry.  Instead, I found myself driving quickly to the nearest pet hospital in an attempt to save his life.  However, the veterinarian gave us a few options, all of which would only prolong his suffering.  So we decided to put him down.  We had him for nearly 11 years.  We won’t be getting any new pets for a while – no one can replace him.

This is a really bad segue, but: an LED bulb can replace anything (lighting-wise, that is).  We finally got a new bulb (at least I think, I hadn’t noticed it last Thursday) for me to talk about.  (I’m sure the only reason we stock it is so I can talk about it on the blog, right?  Not because it’s like other LEDs with a long list of positive attributes).

The GE Energy Smart® Dimmable 40W Replacement (7W) MR16 LED bulb in warm what is, like nearly all of the other lighting products we carry, Energy Star® qualified.  Its high light output combined with a 25-degree beam pattern is perfect for decorative and accent lighting applications.

Like most other products on the website, this bulb is very energy-efficient.  That means it costs less than $4.00/year to operate (see the “shop” portion of the website for how we figured that out) and has a longer lifespan than the halogen bulbs it replaces.  Also, it contains no lead or other contaminates.

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