Friday, April 6, 2012

Philips Lumec Launches a New Line of LED Lighting Solutions

Nowadays, cities keep on looking for ways on how to create an identity while respecting  the environment and providing their citizens with a sense of security and community at the same time. For that, Philips Lumec has recently launched an innovative new collection of LED lighting solutions – SoleCity. The said collection will allow cities to achieve design uniformity and optimum style with LED technology’s performance and energy efficiency. It is a high performance alternative to high intensity discharge (HID) products because of the unimaginable savings that we can get. That is, up to 100,000 hours of lifetimes and up to 60 percent of energy savings! It also allows different LED configurations like application and light output, enabling the systems to be customized to the unique needs of a customer. It is indeed a perfect way to enhance the identity of a city and sense of community.

Visit this link for more information regarding SoleCity and its categories:

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