Saturday, April 7, 2012

What a Sleep-Heavy Mind Can Come Up With

What a Sleep-Heavy Mind Can Come Up With

Despite all the offerings LED has, it couldn’t keep me awake Friday night/Saturday morning at work or when I got home. My mind was still racing about all the stuff I’d gotten done, all the stuff that would still be waiting for me tonight when I get in tonight, but my LED light and my book only allowed me to stay awake until my mind settled enough to be ready to sleep.  Then I was out faster than an LED light can come on – and stayed out until my husband came in and gently woke me.

Today I notice there’s a new item on the website.  When I started cruising the site to see if there were any new additions, my then-still-sleepy brain thought the cutout in the cardboard that fits around this item looks like a woman’s dress.  Stare enough and you might see it too – but that’s not the point.

The GE Energy Smart® dimmable 75W replacement (20W) indoor and outdoor PAR38 LED light bulb in warm white is Energy Star® qualified.   Like all of the other LEDs we discuss here, this bulb has a high light output (about 1000 lumens) and a low energy usage (just 20 watts).  This floodlight bulb is great for the many indoor and outdoor applications we’ve discussed before (spotlights, motion detector/security lights, general area lighting) since it is UL wet-rated for outdoor applications such as these.

Installing just one of these bulbs could save you over $150 in energy cost over the rated life of the lamp (about 25,000 hours) versus as standard 75W halogen PAR38 (based on $0.11/kWh).  At our current residence, we only have two places where we’d replace with these bulbs, but $300+ is an exceptional amount of savings.

I have to wrap this up before I come up with more silly lines about savings.

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